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Congregational Christian Church of Somerset UCC
1411 County Streeet
Somerset, MA 02726
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The International String Trio is coming!
Saturday October 3rd at 7:00
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The Gnomes bring an enormous wealth of musical knowledge, musicianship, creativity, and fun to their performances. Their live shows are upbeat and never fail to get folks on their feet, moving and grooving! They'll go from a traditional tune into a tango, or a piece of music that makes you feel like you just stepped off a dirt road in Ireland to a sidewalk cafe in France. The Gnomes concerts also have plenty of songs interspersed with their instrumental music.

The band's members include some of Rhode Island's best known musicians: Phil Edmonds (Irish whistle and button accordion); Cathy Clasper-Torch (fiddle, keyboard, er-hu, vocals); Mike Fischman (guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, banjo, vocals); Peter Breen (bass, vocals); and Ron Schmitt (percussion).

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Pleased to announce that SPL Concerts has a new home! Concerts are once again coming to Somerset thanks to the Congregational Christian Church of Somerset UCC. The church will be the host for more great music from artists around the country.

Coming October 3rd - The International String Trio!

This "internationally" known trio has played venues all across the United States - bringing their musical talents to thousands of music lovers. The IST enjoys using the diverse cultural backgrounds of its members, hailing from Russia, Japan and England, to influence its stylistic diversity and unique performance aesthetic. Performing up to 120 events a year, including festivals, concert halls, jazz clubs, schools and universities, the IST is experienced at performing at a multitude of venues, thanks to its small size. Their shows are
enormously entertaining, as the Trio strives to provide energetic yet intimate performances. Each and every performance the trio enjoys leading its audiences on a cultural musical journey, as they perform music from countries around the world. Through these means, their music is instantly appealing to a wide range of audiences, both large and small, young and old.

“Just like our New England weather, if you wait a minute the International String Trio will change it up. This local eclectic acoustic ensemble handles styles ranging from gipsy jazz to Appalachian folk, classical arrangements and songs from movie
soundtracks.”- The Boston Globe, MA

International String Trio video

Tickets available soon.  All tickets are $12 each (childen 8 and under free) - $15.00 at the door.  Reserve tickets by clicking on the ticket at the top of the page. 

in partnership with the Congregational Christian Church of Somerset UCC
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